TOS Snack Box Multi-State Review

TOS Snack Box (Multi-State)

TOS Snack Box (Multi-State)

Hello, my fellow foodies! Today’s post is a review post, I am going to review TOS Snack Box today. Today’s post is something different from all my posts, but I am very happy to share my view on this particular snack box. I will share my view on the box later in the post before that let me just introduce TOS to all those who are not aware of this particular brand.

What is Taste of States?

Tastes of States is a regional food experience/  festival company with a motto to bring before you the regional delicacies of different states in the comfort of your home and office. They are the one-stop shop for all regional food cravings.

A team of enthusiastic, hard core foodies, who are on a mission to discover the culinary diversity of various states of our country and get them to your doorsteps, one festival at a time. Share your happiness with your loved and dear ones at home and office because, like you, even they believe in #KhaoAurKhilao.

Devour dishes from Kerala to Punjab to Kolkata to Gujarat, all while chowing down the dishes at your food table.

Potlucks, House Parties, Family Gatherings or one’s usual cravings for regional food is NOW a three-word KEY:  

Tastes of States 

I would like to tell you something more from my side about Taste of States – they have come up with a unique concept of snack box, in which you can select any box according to your choice, any particular state snack box or a multi-state snack box. The box which I received was a multi-state one.
Apart from snack boxes, you can also order delicious regional dishes (in any part of Mumbai) or snacks from their website. Snack items delivery will depend upon your location, usually, it takes 3-4 days.

My first impression of TOS Snack Box Multi States  –

The Snack box comes in a white box, which was nicely covered with two-three coverings, to prevent any damage due to the rainy season. I really liked the way they took care of the box, keeping in mind the transportation part. The snacks which were there inside the box were all nicely placed, with all the information related to them attached to their packaging. There was a small note stuck on the box, with a small message. Apart from all these things, there was also an improvement meter, which is to improve their service and products. If you fill this form and send a photograph of your review you will get a special 10% Promo code on your next order and also stand a chance to win Lucky Draw Prize on your TOS ID.
TOS Snack Box (Outer box)

TOS Snack Box (Outer box)



Let me tell you about snacks which I received in my snack box. My box contained snacks from three states – Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and one Jain special snack. All the items which were there in the box were all pure vegetarian.

1. Halwa – Taste of Karnataka (30 gms)

It is from the state of Karnataka. It is made of pure ghee, sugar, wheat, and nuts. This packet stays best for 30 days from the date of packing. If you love the taste of pure ghee, this one is surely for you. It was fresh and appropriately sweet according to my taste.



2. Ratlami Sev – Taste of Madhya Pradesh (50 gms)

Everyone knows about Ratlami Sev, it is one of my favorite namkeen or snack. This one also tastes authentic and fresh, just like ratlami sev. The only thing which I find different from the ratlami sev which we eat here in Rajasthan is that this one was little spicy. The reason behind the less spicy sev might be that everyone can enjoy it. People like me who love spicy sev can also enjoy it just like the ones who prefer less spicy food.

Ratlami Sev

Ratlami Sev

3. Sonte – Taste of Karnataka (50gms)

Sonte is snack from Karnataka, which is made of sweet potato and that’s why it is little sweet in taste. It is made from sweet potato, chili, and gram flour. I personally love snack which is spicy and salty, so this was least favorite one from all the snacks of the box. It stays best for 30 days from the date of packing.



4. Appalu- Taste of Andhra Pradesh (50 gms)

Appalu is crispy and crunchy snack from Andhra Pradesh, one of my favorite one from the multi-state box. Main ingredients of this snack are – rice flour, chana dal, til, garlic, jeera, kadipatta (curry leaves), red chilly powder, turmeric. I love having perfectly fried crunchy snack during my tea-time, this is exactly that snack. Every member of my family loved it, so I think it will suit everybody’s taste.



This particular snack out of all was made by a home cook Ms. Manisha. Yes, they promote home cooks, especially who specialize in their regional specialty.

5. Kelapappdi (50 gms)

Kelapapdi is another favorite from the box. As the name suggests it was made of raw banana, rice flour, black pepper, cinnamon, clove powder and black salt. I love it personally, it is almost similar to kela chips which we are another delicious alternative to potato chips according to me. Crispy, crunchy and spicy as well.



My final words on TOS Snack Box – 

TOS Snack Box is full of regional delicacies and a perfect blend of tastes. I feel they could improve on their packaging, by making it more attractive.  Some people might feel the quantity of some snack is little less according to the pricing. They should consider of increasing the quantity. I would totally recommend this box, it is a tasty and delicious box which will introduce you to various regional delicacies from India.

This box is priced at Rs 245/- (net wt. 465 gms). You can order it through their website or if ordering from Mumbai, you can also call on 8828033111 . They also have an Instagram page with the same name.

Perfect for people who are:

Regional food lover, enjoy tea-time with snacks

What you will get in TOS snack box:

A box which contains five different snacks.

Value for Money:


Taste :




Overall :



  1. Aishwarya Krishnammachary

    July 26, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    sounds s o yummm
    haven’t even heard of all these delicious snacks
    so nice to discover more of India this way

  2. These snacks look yum 🙂

    • RasoiRecipe

      July 28, 2017 at 9:11 AM

      Thank you Mariyam!
      It is something which helps us to try food from different parts of India.

  3. Every time I visit your website I want to grab something and eat.

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