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Schezwan Vegetable Noodles | How to make schezwan noodles

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Schezwan Vegetable Noodles
Schezwan Vegetable Noodles

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Serves: 3-4

Duration: 20 mins (prep time) + 20 mins (cook time) = 40 mins (total time)

Ingredients for Schezwan Vegetable Noodles

Noodles1 packet or 250 gms
Carrot (chopped)1 large
Capsicum (chopped)2 large
Spring onions (chopped)2
Red onion (chopped)1 (medium)
Ginger garlic paste1 tsp
Schezwan sauce2-3 tbsps
Oil2 tbsp for stir frying
2 tsp for noodles coating
Vinegar1 tsp
Red chilli flakes or crushed black pepper (optionla)as per taste
Saltas per taste
Waterfor boiling noodles

Method for Schezwan Vegetable Noodles

  • Wash and chop all your vegetables into julienne or finely chop all veggies.

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  • Heat sufficient water to boil noodles as per instructions are given on the packet. Add salt and 2 tsp oil in water. If nothing is mentioned in your noodle packet then boil for 12 mins at least.

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  • Strain noodles and rinse with cold water. So that the noodles stop cooking.

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  • Add oil to prevent sticky noodles. keep noodles aside.
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  • Heat oil in a wok or kadhai or pan.
  • Add ginger garlic paste. Cook for 2 minutes.
  • Add carrots, capsicum, red onions and spring onion.

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  • Stir fry all the veggies, it will take 6-8 mins.

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  • Add all your schezwan sauce and vinegar to the stir-fried vegetables. Season with salt and red chilli flakes/pepper. Mix everything nicely.

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  • Add noodles, toss well.

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  • Lastly, add spring onion greens. Mix well.

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