Sattu Ka Paratha | How to make sattu paratha
Sattu Ka Paratha – A paratha stuffed with spiced sattu powder. Best served with a boondi raita/pickle.
Servings Prep Time
4-5people 5-7mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4-5people 5-7mins
Cook Time
Recipe Notes

Method for Sattu ka Paratha – 

Stuffing –

  • In a bowl/vessel sieve sattu ka atta (bengal gram powder). 

  • Then add chopped onion, green chilies, garlic, homemade pickle masala, and coriander leaves. 

  • Next, add turmeric powder, salt, cumin seeds, oil, and water. Mix well. Your sattu ka paratha stuffing is ready.

Sattu ka Paratha – 

  • Knead a soft dough with wheat flour or use already prepared chapati dough.
  • For paratha, divide the dough into equal size balls.
  • Now take one ball at a time and start preparing small dough circle.


  • Place a tbsp of sattu filling in the center, close it from all sides.


  • Dust it with wheat flour and start rolling again.
  • Heat a skillet/tava and place the paratha on it. Keep it on high flame.


  • When paratha is cooked partially from one side flip it on another side.
  • At this stage spread oil/ghee/butter on the partially cooked side. Flip again and cook it fully this time.
  • Spread oil/ghee/butter on the other side too and let the paratha cook till dark brown small spots start appearing on it.
  • Prepare all the remaining parathas like this.
  • Serve it hot with koshimbir / plain curd / boondi raita/  pickle.
Sattu Ka Paratha
Sattu Ka Paratha