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Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji | How to make karonda sabji

source url Today’s post is forex trading and taxes ‘Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji’. Let me first introduce you all to Karonde, it is a berry type of fruit which grows on a shrub commonly flourishes in regions of high temperature. Karonde is a very beautiful purple-green or pink-green fruit. You will start seeing this fruit in the market from July to September. In Rajasthan cuisine, it is used in the preparation of pickles and sabji.

Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji
Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji

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For Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji, you will require –

click here Karonde, oil, onion, green chilli, instant pickle masala, salt, and turmeric powder. For this recipe, you first need to cut karonde in two halves. After that, it is up to you to remove the seeds or to keep them. Both ways it works equally well. Karonde cooks really fast so you need only 15-20 minutes to cook this dish. This sabji goes well with paratha or as a side dish with Dal rice. It is tangy in flavour. You can store this dish in the refrigerator for a week. To try more dishes from Rajasthani cuisine, check – Papad ki Sabji | How to make rajasthani papad ki sabjiDahi Phulki | Besan ke Dahi Bade/VadeMoong Dal Samosa (Rajasthani special samosa recipe)Kairi Ki Meethi Launji (Sweet and Tangy Raw Mango Pickle)Rajasthani Masala Mirch (stuffed green chillies).

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Video Recipe of Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji

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Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji | How to make karonda sabji
Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji - A tangy recipe from Rajasthani cuisine. Serve as a side dish with paratha or dal rice. Step by step full recipe with pictures.
Recipe Notes

Method for Rajasthani Karonde ki Sabji

  • Wash and cut karonde in two halves. Keep it aside. (Remove seeds or keep it, it is totally up to you.)

  • In a frying pan. Heat oil.

  • Saute chopped onion till translucent.

  • When the onion turns translucent, add chopped garlic in the pan. Fry till the raw smell of garlic fades away.

  • Add chopped karonde and green chillies. Mix well.

  • Add instant pickle masala, salt and turmeric powder. Mix well.

  • Cover and cook till karonde are soft and tender. In between keep stirring.

  • Serve hot!

Karonde ki Sabji
Karonde ki Sabji

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