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Curd Rice | Thayir Saadam | Daddojanam Recipe

source Today’s recipe is https://digitrading.biz/it/opzioni-binarie/ opzioni binarie americane ‘Curd Rice’. It is a very common dish of any South Indian household. It is also called as Thayir Saadam or Daddojanam in south India. Curd rice is basically steamed rice mixed with yoghurt, which makes it a healthy meal option. It is one of my favourite recipe for leftover rice. You can even pack this for in your kid’s lunchbox.

Curd Rice / Thayir Saadam
Thayir Saadam


For Curd Rice, you will need –

nebenwirkungen voltaren resinat 75 mg cooked/freshly steamed rice, curd, milk, salt, green chillies, curry leaves, oil, few spices and pomegranate. This recipe is very simple, first mash leftover rice or freshly cooked rice, then mix curd and milk in the mashed rice. Let the rice soak all the curd and milk, this is a little mushy recipe. Lastly, temper the curd rice mix and serve it. Serve immediately or enjoy later.

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Curd Rice | Thayir Saadam | Daddojanam Recipe
A delicious blend of curd and rice which is tempered with curry leaves and chillies.
Recipe Notes

Method for Curd Rice -

  • In a big mixing bowl, take cooked leftover rice. (If require mash a little.)
  • Add curd, milk, chopped coriander leaves and salt in the rice. Mix well. (Milk is added in this recipe to lessen the sourness of curd.)
  • Keep the rice and curd mix aside.
  • Prepare temper, heat oil.
  • Add cumin and mustard seeds. Let them splutter.
  • Next, start adding one by one, whole red chillies, curry leaves, urad dal, and green chillies.
  • Switch off the flame. Temper curd rice. Mix well.
  • Garnish rice with pomegranate seeds. Serve immediately.

Curd Rice
Curd Rice


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