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Besan Ka Halwa | How to prepare besan halwa

can i buy cytotec at walgreens Today’s recipe is forex trading a-z ‘Besan Ka Halwa’. A traditional Indian dessert recipe, which is mostly prepared on festive occasions. You can enjoy it any day whenever you are craving something sweet. Besan halwa is a mouth melting halwa, halwa is a sweet dish which is prepared either with lentil flour or grain flour or vegetables. This halwa is gram flour halwa. "<yoastmark As Ganesh Utsav is arriving soon, you can prepare this halwa and serve your family and guests. It is an easy recipe for halwa which takes very less time. Winter is another season in which this halwa is quite often prepared in north Indian households.

For Besan Ka Halwa recipe, you will need –

buy dapoxetine paypal gram flour/besan, milk, sugar, ghee, mix dry fruits and cardamom. The first step in besan halwa preparation is to roast besan with ghee till it starts emitting nutty fragrance. After roasting besan nicely, add milk and then sugar, cardamom and dry fruits mix. Garnish with saffron/Kesar threads and dry fruits. You will get a beautiful golden brown dessert which melts in the mouth within seconds. It is important to not use raw milk for this sweet dish, always make sure you are using hot milk. For more halwa recipes, check – Suji Ka Halwa | Sooji ka Halwa RecipeAtte Ka Halwa | How to make atte ka halwaGajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa Recipe),  Bread Halwa | How to make bread halwaMoong Dal Halwa (with a twist)Seviyan Zarda Recipe | How to make seviyan zardaLapsi Recipe | Broken Wheat Dessert | Rajasthani SpecialShahi Tukra (Indian Bread Pudding)

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Besan Ka Halwa | How to prepare besan halwa
Besan Ka Halwa | How to prepare besan halwa - Mouth melting dessert recipe perfect for the festive occasion. Step by step method.
Recipe Notes

Method for Besan Ka Halwa -

  • In a deep thick bottomed or non-stick vessel, melt ghee.

  •  In the melted ghee, add besan, roast it for 10-15 minutes on low flame. Continuously stir the besan.

  • When besan starts emitting nutty fragrance, pour hot milk carefully. Do not stop stirring halwa at this point to avoid lumps formation.

  • When halwa absorbs milk completely, add sugar, dry fruits and cardamom.

  • Roast till sugar melts completely. Cover for few minutes until sugar melts.

  • Garnish halwa with chopped dry fruits, Kesar strands and ghee. Serve hot!

Besan Halwa
Besan Halwa

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