Mathri Recipe | Crispy Mathri | How to make mathri

Today’s recipe is for ‘Mathri’. Crispy mathri is perfect Indian style cracker, which goes exceptionally well with pickles. Teat-time is the best time to enjoy mathri along with tea. It is a very popular snack in north-west India. The perfect mathri is one which is not too hard nor too soft.


For this recipe, you will require – plain flour, cumin seeds, carom seeds, ghee/oil, and salt. To get crispy mathri, you need to add the correct amount of ghee/oil in the dough. To give it twist or flavour you can also add, methi leaves or crushed black peppercorn or spinach/palak in the dough.

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Yield : – 250 gms

Duration: 45 mins

Ingredients for Mathri

Plain flour/ maida2 cups
Baking soda1/4 tsp
Saltas per taste
Ghee2 Tbsps
Cumin seeds1 tsp
Carom seeds1 tsp
Water1/2 cup or as required for dough
Oilfor deep-frying

Method for Mathri

  • In a mixing bowl, sieve plain flour, baking powder,  and salt.

  • Add carom seeds and cumin seeds.

  • Add lukewarm ghee.

  • With the help of water knead a tight dough just like poori dough.

  • Take a ball of the dough.

  • Make a chapati slightly thicker than our regular chapati of the flour.

  • Use a cookie cutter and cut chapati into circular shapes.

  • Repeat above steps to prepare mathris from the remaining dough. With help of a fork make small holes on the mathris.

  • Heat oil in a deep pan.

  • Keep the flame low to medium. We want fry mathris uniformly such that it is perfectly cooked from inside and crispy from outside.

  • When mathris are golden in colour, strain them.

  • Fry all mathris in small batches.
  • Serve immediately or store in an air-tight container for weeks.

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