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Malai Jam Sandwich | 3 Ingredients Lunch box Recipe

Today’s recipe is ‘Malai Jam Sandwich’. It is one of the simplest sandwich recipes. This recipe requires only 3 ingredients and 5 mins of your time. When in hurry prepare this sandwich for your breakfast/lunchbox/snack. It tastes very delicious. My mom used to prepare this one for us, she only suggested me to share this recipe as it requires lesser time and no compromise with taste.

Malai Jam Sandwich
Malai Jam Sandwich

Malai jam sandwich requires – bread slices, malai (fresh malai from milk) and jam (any flavour of your choice). You can toast it on pan or toaster, that is up to you. It is not necessary or mandatory that you toast bread for this sandwich, even without toasting sandwich also it tastes equally good.

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Yield: 2 sandwich

Duration:5-7 mins

Ingredients for Malai Jam Sandwich

Bread slices6 slices
Malai2 tbsps or as required
Mixed fruit jam1 tbsp or as required
Ghee/butterfor toasting bread slices

Method for Malai Jam Sandwich

  • Take fresh malai from milk, and jam of any flavour of your choice. (I chose mixed fruits flavour.)

  • This next step is totally up to you, if you love the crispy sandwich, then toast bread slices from both the sides.

  • Now generously apply malai on one slice.

  • Apply jam on the second slice.
  • Next, keep malai applied slice over jam slice.

  • Cover it with plain slice and press lightly. Cut it into two halves or serve as it is.
  • Malai jam sandwich is ready!
Malai Sandwich
Malai Sandwich


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