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Makhana Munchies (Healthy spicy lotus seed snack)

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1. Initial Therapy. Laboratory studies should be done to ascertain that the lipid levels are consistently abnormal. Before instituting desyrel 50 mg uyku ilacı therapy, every Lotus seeds are a good source of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Makhana have low glycemic index which make them perfect for diabetic people. Include makhana as a part of your healthy diet.

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Serves: 3

Duration: 15 minutes

Ingredients for Makhana Munchies

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Procedure for Makhana Munchies

  •  In a non stick pan, heat ghee (for healthier option use fat-free butter).

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  • Add makhana and roast on low-medium flame.

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  • Stir in between, roast  for 8-10 or till crispy and crunchy.

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  • Switch off the flame and keep roasted makhana in a bowl.
  • Sprinkle all the masala/spices on roasted makhana. Mix well.

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  • Serve immediately, when cool down you can store makhana munchies in an air tight container.

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  • When preparing for vrat/fast use black salt.
  • You can use black pepper powder instead of red chilli powder.
  • In the same recipe you can also add dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts and raisins.

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    1. here: Clozapine belongs to a family of medications called antipsychotics. It is used to treat schizophrenia when other medications are not effective. I am planning to have it daily looking at its benefits. 😀
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