Jhatpat ratlami sev paratha (sev stuffed paratha)

order etodolac 200mg Happy Tuesday everyone ! I hope you’re all having a yummy week. Today’s recipe is forex trading and islam ‘Jhatpat ratlami sev paratha’. I am very happy to share this recipe with you all as this is my easiest recipe on this blog. You can have it in any meal. This recipe is a nice change from regular vegetable stuffed parathas that we all have normally. All you need is dough, ratlami sev and oil to fry. But if you have time and you want to give it that extra flavour you can add onion, coriander and mint leaves to this recipe. Let’s get started with the recipe…

Jhatpat ratlami sev paratha
Jhatpat ratlami sev paratha

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Serve : 4-5
Duration: 5 mins prep time & 5-7 mins / paratha cook time

Ingredients for Ratlami sev paratha Whole wheat dough 2 cups

buy aceon online Ratlami sev 2-3 cups (crushed in small pieces) Oil/ghee/butter to fry

Method for  follow Jhatpat ratlami sev paratha

  • Knead the dough for parathas. Divide it in small equal size balls.
  • Now take one ball at time and start preparing small dough circle.
  • Place 1-2 tbsp sev in the centre and carefully close it.

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  • Again start rolling the parathas.

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  • Heat a skillet and place the paratha on it. Keep it on high flame.
  • When paratha is cooked partially from one side flip it on other side.

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  • At this stage spread oil/ghee/butter on partially cooked side. Flip again and cook it fully this time.
  • Spread oil/ghee/butter on the other side too and let the paratha cook till dark brown small spots starts appearing on it.
  • Prepare all the remaining parathas like this. Serve it hot with pickle/chutney/ketchup.ı.html DSC01538

Note: If you are using nylon bhujia then add additional masalas such as chat masala, cumin podwer and salt in this recipe. For extra flavour you can add onion,coriander and mint leaves to this recipe.

Food Quote forex handel an weihnachten “The belly rules the mind. “

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