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Healthy Date Milk | Khajoor Doodh (Winter recipe)

Today’s recipe is ‘Healthy Date Milk’. As the recipe name suggests it is a very healthy milk recipe. During winters when anyone is suffering from cold and cough, this milk recipe is a perfect home remedy. Dates are very healthy fruit but at the same very sweet, so diabetic person please avoid having it. It is a warm drink and perfect for winter season. One can have it as a breakfast recipe.

Healthy Date Milk
Healthy Date Milk

Date milk recipe requires – Milk, dates and cardamom powder. It is a three ingredients recipe. If you want you can also add cinnamon powder and black cardamom powder. The variety of date which I used in this recipe was a premium quality one, which was very soft and medium sweet in taste. The number of dates required for this recipe will depend upon the size and sweetness of dates. If your dates are very dry and hard ones, please soak dates in half cup milk for 30 mins in advance. If you love warm milk drinks in winters, then check Badam Milk | Badam Dudh | Almond Flavoured Milk.

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Serves: 2

Duration: 25 mins (cook time + preparation time)

Ingredients for Healthy Date Milk

Milk2 cups
Dates8 nos. or as required
Cardamom powder1/4 tsp

Method for Healthy Date Milk

  • If you are using date variety which has seed, then first remove the seed from the pit.

  • In a deep thick bottomed pan, pour half cup milk, cardamom powder, and dates. On medium flame cook date and milk mix for at least 10 mins, continuously stir the mix. (My dates were soft, so took only 7-8 mins.)

  • Let the milk and date mix cool down completely.

  • Blend everything well in a mixer. Make a smooth paste. Keep it aside.

  • In the same vessel or in a new one, pour two cups milk.

  • Let the milk start boiling.

  • Lower the flame, add date paste, stir continuously.

  • When the milk and date paste mix well. Switch off the flame.

  • Serve date milk hot!
Khajoor Doodh
Khajoor Doodh

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    1. I am planning to one winter recipe every week. I am glad you like this recipe. Winter is a perfect season to enjoy khajoor. 🙂

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