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Today’s recipe is ‘Green Chilli Pickle‘.  It is a quite common recipe for Rajasthani households. This recipe requires no oil in the preparation. In this pickle, you use water instead of oil, that’s why it is also popular as ‘Pani Wala Achar’. You can enjoy this pickle with parathas or dal chawal.

Green Chilli Pickle
Green Chilli Pickle

 For this recipe, you will require- green chillies, fennel seeds, salt, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and water. It is a very easy recipe of a pickle. If you are interested in pickle recipes which are easy to prepare, check – Mix Vegetable Pickle | Instant Mixed Vegetable Achar RecipeKairi Ki Meethi Launji (Sweet and Tangy Raw Mango Pickle)Carrot Pickle Recipe (Gajar ka achar).

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Yield: 250 gms

Duration: 30 mins (prep time)

Ingredients for  Green Chilli Pickle

Green chillies250 gms
Mustard seeds4 Tbsps
Fennel seeds3 Tbsps
Fenugreek seeds1 Tbsp
Saltas per taste (little salthy than your ususal taste)
Water1 glass or 1.5 cups

Method for Green Chilli Pickle

  • Wash green chillies. Let it air-dry.

  • In a deep vessel, boil 1 glass or 1.5 cups water.

  • Add green chillies in the vessel when water starts boiling (Switch off the flame).

  • Cover the vessel and keep green chillies covered for 10 mins in it. Do not throw water.

  • In a pan, dry roast fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds.

  • When the mix starts emitting fragrance of roasted spices, switch off the flame. Let the seeds mixture cool down.

  • Make a powder of all three seeds and salt in the mixer/grinder.

  • Make slit in the green chillies.

  • In the green chillies, start filling the powder.

  • Take a sterilised jar, start adding green chillies in the jar. Add remaining powder in the jar.

  • Pour same water which we used to steam/boil green chillies in the jar.

  • Keep the jar in the sunlight for two-three days.

  • After two three days, when green chillies becomes soft, pickle is ready to use.
Green Chilli Pickel (No oil)
Green Chilli Pickel (No oil)

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