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Falafel (Chickpeas patty)

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s recipe is ‘ Falafel’. This recipe is so popular everywhere now that, it really needs no introduction.  For those who are still not aware of this dish, falafel is a middle eastern dish which is served with pita bread which acts as a wrap or pocket.  It can be served as an appetizer, with tahini-based sauce or any spicy sauce of your choice . You can have this dish for iftar with or without pita bread.


Falafel was so popular at one time that McDonald used to serve McFalafel in some countries. Falafel is a very popular vegan and vegetarian street food. Main ingredients for this dish is chickpeas or fava beans. Egyptian version of this dish uses fava beans. We are going to use cooked chickpeas for our recipe, let’s get started…

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Serve: 5-6
Duration: 30-40 minutes

Ingredients for falafel

Chickpeas/chole (cooked)            2 cups

Coriander leaves (chopped)        1/2 cup

Garlic                                                        2 -4 cloves (large)

Green chillies                                       3-4 nos.

Maida/ All purpose flour               3 tbsp

Coriander powder                            1 tsp

Oil                                                               for frying

Ground cumin                                     1 tsp

Onion (chopped)                                1 no.

Ground black pepper                      1 tsp

Salt                                                              to taste

Olive oil/vegetable oil                     3 tbsp

Procedure/method for falafel

  • Soak chickpeas for at least 8 hours. Pressure cook till tender.
  • Now in food processor, grind the chickpeas with all the other ingredients in a coarse paste, by keep adding oil at regular intervals. Do not use water to grind all the ingredients.


  • Make small rounds of equal size with the mixture. Flatten all the chickpeas mixture balls in patty shape in between your palms.


  • Heat oil in a frying pan/kadhai/wok.
  • Deep fry the patties on high flame until golden brown. Do not flip patties as they are very soft and may split.
  • Transfer falafel on a paper napkin lined plate.
  • Serve hot and enjoy Falafel !


  • You can make this dish with uncooked chickpeas also, in that case do not add maida (all-purpose flour) in the above recipe.
  • If you have parsley at home you can add that too, reduce coriander leaves quantity to half and add equal quantity of parsley.

17 thoughts on “Falafel (Chickpeas patty)

  1. Falafel is my moms favorite! I am defintely going to try this out, and will send you pictures for sure 🙂 When we make falafel we add some few coriander seeds, it adds more flavor.

  2. Falafel is my moms favorite. Thank you for sharing the recipe, I am going to make this and send you pictures. When we make falafel we also add a few coriander seeds, which adds more flavor to it.

    1. That’s a good tip, I will also add coriander seeds next time. Coriander seeds always give that extra crunchy flavour to any dish.
      I made falafel for iftar and every one loved it.
      I’l be waiting for pictures. 🙂

    1. Awww thank you Megha ! 🙂
      It is raining here also since evening.
      So true it is a lovely weather to have Falafel.

    1. Do try it Anamika, they taste delicious and are a nice change from our daily pakoras. This is perfect season to have it. 🙂
      I will try to share soup recipe asap.

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