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Corn Chaat (Quick sweetcorn chaat recipe)

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Corn Chaat
Corn Chaat

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Serve: 1

Duration: 15 mins

Ingredients for Corn Chaat

Sweet Corn Kernels1 corncob or 1 cup kernels
Ghee/Butter1 tsp
Red chilli powder1/4 tsp
Salt1/4 tsp or as per taste
Lemon juice1-2 tsp or as per taste
Chaat masala1/4 tsp
Tomato (chopped)1-2 tsp
Onion (chopped)2 tsp (chopped)
Green chilli1 small
Sevfor garnishing

Method for Corn Chaat

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  • Heat ghee/butter in a deep pan on low to medium flame.

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  • Add corn kernels and stir fry for few seconds.

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  • Add green chillies, salt, and red chilli powder. Mix well. Fry for few seconds.

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  • Just before, when you are about to switch off the flame, add lemon juice, tomato, chaat masala and onion. Mix well.

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  • Garnish chaat with sev or any thin namkeen of your choice. Serve hot.

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  • If you are in hurry, prepare this chaat only with salt, red chilli powder and lemon juice.
  • This recipe takes only 3-4 mins in microwave. You can prepare it in microwave also.
  • For healthier version of this recipe, boil kernels or corncob.

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