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Chikoo Banana Smoothie Recipe | Summer Recipe

watch Today’s recipe is go to link ‘Chikoo Banana Smoothie’.  Smoothie is one of the favourite beverage of summer seasons. As summer is approaching fast, give this recipe a try and make the scorching hot day more bearable. It is the best way to increase your and your family’s intake of fruits in a day. Smoothies are very filling and could be the best choice for a mid-meal option.

Chikoo Banana Smoothie
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Serve: 1-2

Duration: 10 mins

Ingredients for Chikoo Banana Smoothie

Banana (chopped)1 (big)
Chikoo 2-3 or 1 cup (medium)
Milk2 cups
Ice cream (flavour of your choice)2 scoops
Dry fruits (soaked)4 almonds
4 cashew nuts

Method for Chikoo Banana Smoothie

  • In warm water soak almond and cashew nuts for at least 30 mins.

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  • Next, add soaked dry fruits and ice cream (I am using mix dry fruits flavour).

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  • Lastly, add milk to the blender.

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  • Blend everything nicely.

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  • Coat serving glass with chocolate syrup.

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  • Pour smoothie into the glass and serve chilled.

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