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Cheesy Creamy Corn (Snack Recipe)

Today’s recipe is ‘Cheesy Creamy Corn’. This dish is very simple yet very rich. If you are a cheese and cream combination fan, just like me, I am sure you will love it too. This recipe will take only 15-20 mins of your time. Serve it as a starter or snack recipe. I am sure kids would love it too.

Cheesy Creamy Corn
Cheesy Creamy Corn

Let’s talk about the ingredients that you will need for this recipe. List of ingredients – sweet corn, butter, cheese, cream, milk, corn flour and few spices. It tastes best when served hot.

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Serves: 2

Duration: 15-20 mins

Ingredients for Cheesy Creamy Corn

Sweet Corn1 cup
Butter2 Tbsp
Cream2-3 Tbsp
Milk1/2 cup
Corn flour2 Tbsp
Saltas per taste
Black pepper corn (crushed)as per taste
Cheese 1 cube

Method for Cheesy Creamy Corn

  • In a pan, add butter and allow it to melt.

  • Add sweet corn, saute for 5-6 mins.

  • Season sweet corn with salt and crushed pepper corn. Fry for 4-5 mins more.

  • Next add cream, mix well.

  • To give sweet corn creamy texture, add milk and corn flour slurry (1/2 cup milk + 2 tbsp corn flour) in the pan.

  • Cook till sauce starts thickening.
  • Garnish corn with grated cheese and black pepper corn.

Cheesy Creamy Corn

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