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Kothimbir Vadi | कोथिम्बीर वड़ी | Maharashtrian Recipe

Today’s recipe is ‘Kothimbi Vadi’. It is a one of the famous snack dish from Maharashtrian cuisine. Kothimbir means coriander, vadi means fritters, so basically these are coriander fritters which are crispy from outside and soft from inside. You can also serve them as starters for parties at home. For Kothimbir vadi, you will require… Read More Kothimbir Vadi | कोथिम्बीर वड़ी | Maharashtrian Recipe

Dessert, Maharashtrian Recipe

Til Ladoo Recipe (Sesame seeds candy / Tilgul)

Happy winter season everyone ! Today’s recipe is ‘Til Ladoo’, another winter special recipe.  Whenever I hear about til ladoo the first sentence that comes to my mind is ’tilgul ghya god god bola’, which means have tilgul and talk sweetly. In Maharashtra, during sankranti while serving guests and family members people greet them with this saying.

Breakfast recipe, Fast/Vrat recipe, Maharashtrian Recipe, Ramadan Special, Snacks

Sabudana Vada (Sago fritters/vada)

Hello my foodies friends ! Today’s recipe is ‘Sabudana Vada’. It is a deep-fried snack which is made from sabudana/sago. In Maharashtra this is second most common vada dish after Aloo vada / vada pav, there it is served with sweet curd (curd mix with sugar). After sabudana khichdi this is my second favourite sabudana… Read More Sabudana Vada (Sago fritters/vada)

Dessert, Fast/Vrat recipe, Maharashtrian Recipe

Peanut Ladoo (two ingredients recipe)

Hello everyone ! Today’s recipe is ‘Peanut Ladoo’. This recipe needs only two ingredients. It is one of the easiest and healthiest dessert recipe.  You can store ladoos for one week at room temperature in an air tight container. If you love roasted peanut and have sweet tooth too, this dessert is perfect for you. Peanuts are good… Read More Peanut Ladoo (two ingredients recipe)