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Atte Ka Halwa | How to make atte ka halwa

Today’s recipe is ‘Atte Ka Halwa’. It is a dessert recipe which is made of whole wheat flour. It is a very popular dessert or halwa recipe of north India. One of my family’s favorite halwa recipe. Some people even have it as a breakfast. It is simple and quick dessert recipe. You need only 15-20 mins for this halwa. This halwa can be enjoyed with puri just like sooji halwa and puri combination.

Atte Ka Halwa
Atte Ka Halwa

It is a delicious dessert recipe which requires only a few ingredients. Main ingredients for atte ka halwa are whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar, milk, and dry fruits. Dry fruits can be of your choice, I am using cashew nuts and raisins. It is instant halwa as takes few minutes and can satisfy your sweet cravings in 15-20 mins.

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Serve: 3-4

Duration: 15-20 mins

Ingredients for Atte ka halwa

Whole wheat flour / Atta1 cup
Milk1 cup
Sugar3/4 cup or as per taste
Ghee1/2 cup
Dry fruits (cashewnut + raisins)2 Tbsp

Method for Atte ka halwa

  • Heat ghee in a deep pan.

  • Roast whole wheat flour with ghee till flour turns golden brown in color, keep stirring the flour. This will take at least 7-8 mins.

  • When you observe the change in the color of flour, add milk. Do not stop stirring halwa continuously, to avoid lumps formation.

  •  When halwa starts separating from the pan, add sugar and dry fruits of your choice.

  • Cook till sugar disappear and halwa starts turning dark brown and glossy in appearance.

  • Garnish with cashew nut and serve hot.

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