Paneer Kofta (Cottage cheese balls in gravy)

hardware wallet bitcoin Today’s recipe is Paneer Kofta . It is my mother’s recipe and tastes so delicious that I can’t even explain it to you 😀 . This one is one of the easiest recipe of kofta, and I totally recommend it to you. This kofta recipe can be served as main course dish for lunch and… Read More click Paneer Kofta (Cottage cheese balls in gravy)

Mushroom Do Pyaza (Mushroom-Capsicum-Onion Recipe)

opzioni binarie anyoption Today’s recipe is Mushroom Do Pyaza . This dish can be served as dinner or lunch side dish. Do pyaza recipes are recipes in which amount of onions are double the amount of main vegetable. For example in this case, we are adding onions twice the amount of mushrooms. It is a dry recipe, which can… Read More keppra 100mg 75mg Mushroom Do Pyaza (Mushroom-Capsicum-Onion Recipe)

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