Beverage, Ramadan Special

Banana Chia Seeds Lassi (rose flavoured smoothie)

enter Happy Ramadan everyone ! Today’s recipe is ‘Banana Chia Seeds Lassi’. You can have this super energetic drink for your iftar as well as sehri. Lassi is basically a blend of yogurt, water, spices or fruit. Sweet lassi however contains either sugar or honey. You can enjoy this lassi as summer drink during any meal. You… Read More Banana Chia Seeds Lassi (rose flavoured smoothie)

Paneer, Paratha, Snacks

Paneer Baida Roti (cottage cheese & egg parcel)

ultime rencontre Hi everyone ! Today’s recipe is ‘Paneer Baida Roti’. It is basically a crisp parcel stuffed with paneer (cottage cheese) and egg.  Baida means egg. Most common form of this dish is prepared with boiled boneless chicken, here we are using paneer so that even eggetarians can enjoy this recipe. Chicken baida roti is very famous dish… Read More Paneer Baida Roti (cottage cheese & egg parcel)

Non Veg, Ramadan Special, Snacks

Chatpata Chicken Tikka

source Hi everyone ! Today’s recipe is ‘Chatpata Chicken Tikka’. You can have this is as a starter. Chicken tikka is a very popular dish in Indian sub-continent. ‘Tikka’ means small pieces, chunk or bits. You can either prepare it by baking or grilling it in microwave or tandoor. You can serve this dish with hari… Read More Chatpata Chicken Tikka

Dessert, Rajasthani Dishes

Moong Dal Halwa (with a twist) 8025/ Hello foodies ! Today’s recipe is ‘Moong Dal Halwa’. This is another rich and delicious dish from my homeland, Rajasthan. This dessert is generally made on auspicious occasion like festivals and weddings. It is a creamy and mouth melting dessert made with split moong dal.